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Tuesday: 11am to 1pm
Thursday: 4pm to 6pm

Please note that if you cannot make it into the office during the posted business hours there is a secure drop box outside of our office that is checked daily.



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Whats New? 2016 August Festival Now Up**********2016 Interlocking Schedule Now Up**********2016 Summer Registeration-NOW OPEN

2016 August DSP Festival-Updated Aug 4th
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2016 Interlocking Schedule
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2016 DSP Summer Registration
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Program Description
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2016 DSP Key Dates
June 11-12- Ottawa Business Park (Saturday U-7 & U-12; Sunday U-5 & U-9)
July 9-10 Brewer Park (Saturday U-9; Sunday U-7 & U-12)
August 6-7 Brewer Park (Saturday U-7 & U-12; Sunday U-9)
September 10-11 Rideau High School (Saturday U-5 & U-9; Sunday U-7 & U-12)

Office Hours
Tuesday: 11am-1pm
Thursday: 4pm-6pm

Gently Used Equipment
Ever wonder where your gently used equipment went and how it's being used now? Adrianna Doyle from recently returned from an orphanage in Ghana. Click Here!

Fair Trade Soccer Balls

DSP has entered into an exciting partnership with the Y Focus-Ottawa service group to purcahsed all our soccer balls which your children will recieve. The objective of this group is the elimination of child labour and the provision of decent wages. http://yfocus.ncf.ca/fairtrade/